Reading at Short Fuse, October 23rd

I'm going to be reading at the next Short Fuse event, where the theme is Tales from the Crypt.  The event starts at 8:30pm on Thursday 23rd and will be in the Studio Bar at the Komedia.  Tickets are £4 on the door.

A few years ago I saw Stewart Home read at Tight Lip.  His reading was impressive – partly because he read one story through a ventriloquist's dummy, and partly because he'd memorised his stories.  At the start of the reading he announced, "If it's worth reading, it's worth remembering." 

I'm going to try memorising the story I'll be reading next Thursday.  The interesting thing is whether the reading will work without the prop of a sheet of paper.  It may be that my performance looks better when I'm holding something rather than having my hands free.  I'll have to see how well it works during my practise.

The 23rd also sees the launch of Ros Barber's new collection, Material.  The launch party starts a little before Short Fuse, so hopefully I can catch Ros's reading and pick up a copy of the new book before heading to the Komedia.

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