Zombie Bride 2

Yesterday was an exciting day.  It started with a trip to the dentist, where another broken tooth was fixed, and ended at Portsmouth's HELL-oween Ball, where I performed with Kitty Peels. We did a new version of last year's Zombie Bride act which featured more gore and some astounding make-up from Kitty.

The night was fantastic with about 3 hours of acts.  All the other performers I met were lovely, particularly Dolly Divine and vaudevillian Joe Black, who I hope to catch up with when they come to Brighton for the Bands and Vampesque night.  Among the many performances were a couple of awesome routines from Miss Ruby Red.  With so much fake blood, the backstage bathroom looked like a scene from Reservoir Dogs before I tidied it up.

Kitty has also been a zombie for Dark Daze recently.  Dark Daze and his team spent several days preparing a set for a single shot.  I can't wait to see what it looks like – Kitty apparently wields a chainsaw.  Another recent Dark Daze shot of Kitty is here and there's also a Dark Daze flickr RSS feed which shows recent photos with background notes.

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