Hip-hop night (possibly with cakes) – Nov 14th

My housemate Kirsten is helping organise a hip-hop night on Friday 14th November.  It starts at 9pm and costs £4/3 and will feature a set from Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer.  From the facebook blurb:

"THE MESSAGE. Unique within Brighton, The Message is a night of old
school and golden age hip hop. The Message offers live acts, Dj’s and a
few surprises in between. Opening night is hosted at central Brighton’s
prestigious venue, The Hope, where Mr B and a selection of mint-fresh
Dj’s will provide entertainment. As hip hop crumbles amongst egotism,
The Message is a reminder of what rap was designed to do…

And, according to Kirsten, there may be cakes.  I'm looking forward to seeing what type of cake Kirsten selects as the perfect complement to old-school hip-hop.


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