Writing Workshop on October 26th


I'm going to be running a writing workshop on October 26th with Ellen de Vries as part of Brighton writing group Write Club. To quote the announcement:

Monday 26th October, 7-9 pm
at The Skiff. 49 Cheltenham Place, Brighton BN1 4AB
Not for the faint hearted.

Challenge yourself. This writing workshop will put you on the spot – you have no choice – you have to write a poem or short story for a set amount of time, and you HAVE TO perform it.

We’ll be writing for 20 mins, then 10 mins, then 5 mins, and performing our work at each stage. Yes we’re scared too. Who knows what will happen? Its an exercise in writing with adrenaline and driving out those pesky whiny inner critics for an evening. Join us 🙂

I'm not a big fan of workshops as a means of critique but I think they can be an excellent environment for sparking creativity and generating ideas – some of my most satisfying stories started as workshop pieces. Writing with a limited time available, knowing you're going to read it out loud when the time limit is up, can be a massive spur to imagination.

The workshop will be, in part, an experiment, but I think it will be a lot of fun too. If you'd like to join in then turn up on the night or mail me

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