Well I know you fairly well, James, and you’ve read at Ace Stories a number of times. I think I understand how you feel very well. Sometimes we hang onto an ambition because we’ve had it a long time and it’s hard to imagine living without it. However, sometimes it’s better to just drop it and try something else. You can always come back (even if you have made this declaration on your blog)– probably refreshed and with a new perspective. Bukowski famously said he took a ten year break from writing (I think during most of the Sixties) were he just drank, and lived– and when he came back to it he had something to write about. I’m not recommending the drinking to you but there’s a point there. Unfortunately people’s ambition to be a successful writer can end up killing any sense of pleasure or spontaneity about the act of writing- it becomes a job– usually a job no one is paying you to do. Even if you’re lucky enough to get paid we’ve all seen the successful writer who started out with something original and true to say, got in harness with a publishers, and then novel after novel seems to become less interesting and more mechanical– they’re working now for the career, or the attention, rather than because they love it. So, good on you, and anyway, you didn’t sign a contract in blood you’d never write again…I hope! Jay