New story available online: The Dirty Bits

I have a new story available online, in the latest issue of Streetcake Magazine. The story is called The Dirty Bits and was read at Short Fuse's erotic fiction night last year. As the continuity announcers like to say, it contains strong language from the beginning.

It's a fairly experimental story, featuring 'samples' from Anais Nin and Georges Bataille and was an interesting piece to read in public. Issue 11 of streetcake magazine is available from here.

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One thought on “New story available online: The Dirty Bits”

  1. Filth!
    My ex-girlfriend from 10 years ago still has my copy of Delta of Venus.
    PLUS, when I was a teenager, we used to flick through Ulysses for the dirty bits. Never got my hands on a copy of Forever til I was 18 at least.

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