New story at Are You Sitting Comfortably Brighton, Wednesday 13th October

A new short story of mine, Lockcharmer, is being read at Are You Sitting Comfortably, a Brighton short fiction night where the stories are read by actors. I went to their previous Brighton event in June and had a great time so I'm really looking forward to this. The night is held at the Basement in Brighton with doors at 7:30pm. Tickets are £6, or £4 for concessions. 

I'm very excited about hearing this story read out. It is one of two stories that I wrote during my holiday to India. The initial idea is one I had a long time ago, about a girl who has a strange relationship with locks:

I'd been having a bad time of it when I locked myself out of the flat. I couldn't afford a locksmith, and the friend who had my spare key was away. All I could do was phone my friend Rory and ask if I could stay a few nights.

-Actually, I've got a friend who can help, he said.

-What, he's a locksmith?

-She's a she. And sort of. I'll give her a call and see if she can come round.

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