Trailer Trash!

I’ve had a slow Sunday after a very busy weekend.  On Thursday I visited the Fabrica gallery for the first event in their Blood and Ink programme, which accompanies the gallery’s display of Anish Kapoor works.  Friday night was another excellent Tight Lip.  The event opened with Caroline Weeks playing a lovely acoustic set followed by some interesting poetry from Jeff Shepherd.  The evening was headlined by Stewart Home. He’s one of the best spoken word performers I’ve seen: funny, intelligent, fast and everything performed from memory.  He also tells some fantastic anecdotes. 

The hightlight of my weekend was the Trailer Trash night at the Komedia, organised by Rosy Carrick and Kitty Peels.  I was helping out with few things on the night which was fun.  I got to watch the rehearsals and felt the excitement building through the evening until doors opened.  It was great to see how many people had dressed up for the Beetlejuice theme. 

I watched most of the performances from the side of the stage and it was odd not to be able to see the audience but it sounded like they had fun.  Trailer Trash had a good range of acts: Bex Marks the Spot was first with a dance routine; Miss Baby Bones did a fire-act; there was a burlesque act from the Flirtinis; hoop from Miz Juz Squire; and some songs from the fantastic Mr. Joe Black.  Kitty’s trapeze act was in the center of the dance floor and looked incredible.  The photo below is from rehearsals and doesn’t show the green body pain she was decorated herself with.

I didn’t get to bed until 4 and ended up sleeping through until the late afternoon.  A lot of work went into the night, from the make-up crew, the photographers, DJs Elvis and Mr. Grinel, the undead popcorn usherettes and the staff of the Komedia but it was all worth it.  The next Trailer Trash is on June 18th 19th and will have a Tarantino theme. 

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