• I had some good writing news this afternoon. Firstly I had a
    submission I made on Monday accepted (although it won't see the light of day
    until 2010, which probably makes it my first hit of next year). I've
    also been asked to start a new blog, which will run in addition to this
    one and the EMLN posts. More news on both soon.
  • I went to see Moon and Antichrist on Tuesday. Moon was somewhat
    underwhelming – a pedestrian science fiction story full of
    inconsistencies and logic gaps. Antichrist, while gruelling and
    unpleasant, was a stunning movie, far exceeding my expectations. There's a good discussion of Antichrist here.
  • I love six-word stories, but it's rare to find satisfying ones. This one by Colin Houlson is pretty good.
  • Lolcats were invented in Brighton in the 19th century (via twhume)
  • Lovely timelapse footage of the Elephant Bed exhibition being installed at Fabrica.
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