A lovely party and some creepy photos


I spent last weekend visiting my sister at her new house (from which the above photo was taken). It's a lovely place – near Mum & Dad's yet in the middle of the countryside. The garden is beautiful, if a little wild, and the house itself is impressive, although it does need a little work. My sister and her husband invited family and friends to join them on their first Saturday in the property. It was a wonderful afternoon: just relaxed conversation and catching up with the people I know up there. These days I really appreciate the value of a relaxed afternoon eating food with decent folk.

A good weekend was made even better on Sunday morning by a decent 8-mile run. I'm not quite in the condition I'd like to be for the Morecambe Cross-Bay half marathon next month, but it should be good enough.

I took a lot of photos of the new house but I like the ones below, which look like stills from a creepy rural movie.




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