Reading to my neice

It’s like some grotesque Alan Moore-style reinvention.  I was reading to my 10-month-old neice before she went to bed and someone passed me Dear Grandma Bunny a 1996 Miffy  book.  Children’s books are darker than they were when I was young.  Dear Grandma Bunny begins:

"Why is Miffy so unhappy
On her cheek a tear is bright.
Do you know why she is crying?
Miffy’s grandma died last night

First Mog and now this.  What next?

(The book came from a Miffy library someone brought Liz as a present.  They phoned her when they realised what Dear Grandma Bunny was about.  Luckily my Mum found it funny).

That’s Not My Pony was a much better read.

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