First week over

I’m now relaxing in Melbourne, having completed my first week in the new job.  As these things usually go I spent the first few days reading documentation and learning about the project.  I’m very excited: I’ll be using Eclipse, EJB, SCRUM and various other exciting things.  The office is quiet and I can’t wait for the first Sprint to start.

Coventry itself is beautiful, inside the ring road at least.  The ruins of the old Coventry Cathedral are striking.  I remember school assemblies where we were told about the Coventry miracle, the cross made of iron nails found in the ruins; it’s strange to finally see it.  And there’s also the status of Lady Godiva, just outside Waterstones.

The only problem is a lack of connectivity.  The town has lots of wifi-enable bars and cafes, but it would be good to have something more constant.  Having said that, I’m getting a lot done in the evenings: working on my writing and reading. 

I finished a few books in the last week, the best of which was Haruki Murakami‘s Norwegian Wood.  I’ve read a couple of Murakami books and never really enjoyed them. I was surprised  by this, since  a number of people whose views I respect love his novels.  I was about to give up on this one but my friend Kitty insisted I continued.  After about chapter 5 it took off and became something remarkable.  I’m glad I read it.

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