The weekend in pictures

Today was my first day back at work after my holiday. I arrived home last Wednesday and then had one of those Brighton weekends, that starts on Thursday and continues until Sunday evening. It was Kate's fault: her birthday was on a Friday, which meant it had to be celebrated all weekend. I was jetlagged and came down with a cold, which made the whole thing harder than it should have been.

Drunken poets


Kate and Quiet Choir busking at the pavilion

Hungover on Friday afternoon, I read about the effects of nuclear war on Brighton


Ellen introduced me to a close friend of hers

On Saturday night, Kate played a song with Gentlemen and Assassins


All weekends should be like that.

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One thought on “The weekend in pictures”

  1. Hey James,
    That “Warplan Brighton” thing looks interesting. I’m a sucker for cold-war paranoia, ever since I found my parents’ copy of “Protect and Survive” when I was about 6.

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