Photos of Zombie James

On Friday the 13th it was the Trailer Trash: Zombies vs Vampires night at the Komedia. I performed as part of the group act, which featured a battle between zombies and vampires. I fought Thérèse La Tease and Honour Mission before being killed and resurrected to do the Thriller dance.

It was a fun night, with Rosy compering, becoming increasingly blood-soaked throughout the night. The next Trailer Trash event is on New Year's Eve, and will be themed around Pirates of the Carribean.



Below are some photos taken by Ashley Clark. His main site is here, and he has a huge collection of shots from the night here (including pictures of the Zombies vs Vampires act)


Above: Me with Thérèse La Tease


Above: Rosy Carrick

Above: Me with Jake Spicer

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