I’m speaking at Brighton’s Catalyst Club on November 10th

I'm very excited, because this Thursday I will be speaking at Brighton's Catalyst Club. Last time I spoke there was back in January 2010, when I talked about How to Escape from a WW2 POW Camp.

The Catalyst Club is something of a Brighton Institution, and may be having its 100th event this week. Each month it presents three talks, the subjects of which are not announced until that night. This means that people don't stay away because the subjects sound unpromising. Instead you give yourself the opportunity to be amazed by something you didn't realise was fascinating. I've particularly enjoyed seeing talks on Corsairville, The History of Boylesque, Algorithmic Art, Houdini in Australia and Vladimir Mayakovsky.

But the above description doesn't give much idea of the friendly, slightly rowdy atmosphere or just how much fun it can be. The event is at 8pm at the Latest Music Bar and tickets are 5 pounds on the door or online. And, just in case it didn't sound exciting enough already, I'll be printing some handouts.

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