Glue Gun ’91 Election Special

Two days to go! This Thursday sees the Glue Gun '91 Election Special. It's likely to be an amazing night "Spin! Swingometers! Sleaze! Education! Education! Education! Life! Death! Prizes! Surprise guests! Party politics!". It's even been endorsed by John Prescott.


Sadly, being in Derbyshire, I won't be able to make Glue Gun '91. Instead I will be at an election party in Leicester, where we'll toast or commiserate the results with drinks in the party colours. I have, however, written a short piece for the handout with my friend Umberto Thwaites, 'The Secret World of Elections'.

The night is absolutely free and starts at 8:30pm sharp – but I'd get there early if I were you as it may be packed.

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