Brighton Grafitti

Some grafitti I saw on my last trip to Brighton:


I stayed in the old house near the level on Saturday night.  Some children (well, I assume it was children by the handwriting) had chalked messages and slogans on some of the houses.  Among them was a line from Red Dwarf.  I’ve no idea why they should quote that on a wall.


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2 thoughts on “Brighton Grafitti”

  1. James, you know that handwriting…
    That’s not kids, it’s *very drunk* geeks.
    Does Brighton Uni have a sci-fi soc?

  2. Dave –
    I prefer the idea of our young citizens playing Red Dwarf on the streets and parks of Brighton, arguing over who gets to be Kryten, Lister and Cat. But, yes, it is probably more likely to be drunk, lonely geeks.

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