Brighton Festival: The Cinderella Project


I'm missing some fantastic shows in this year's Brighton festival, but I'm most sad about missing The Cinderella Project. This is part of a "a year long series of Art/Theatre collaborative events… discussing the nature of art, love and mortality." Lucien, the project's first major output, is "a combination of gripping audio drama, an interactive, site specific experience and the opportunity to witness live painting in an intimate and engaging setting".

The play is performed in Jake Spicer 's studio in New England House (which recently hosted Alice in Wonderland themed life drawing). The story creates a fantastical version of Brighton, where an alchemist painter is imprisoned in the depths of New England House. The New England map below was part of a flyer and includes some great details, like a squid attacking the West Pier.

Jake is collaborating with Zoe Hinks, of Sabotage Theatre. Last year Sabotage performed the play Ravens at the Marlborough, a story of witchcraft set in Romney Marshes in the 1650s. The Cinderella Project is free, but tickets are starting to run out. There are three daily performances between the 15th and 22nd and tickets can be booked by emailing

Having heard so much about the project it's a shame not to be seeing its first show. Hopefully someone will see this post, go along, and tell me all about it.



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