Anna’s Museum

Here's something I saw on Upper Western Road: Anna's Museum.  It's a collection of trinkets and artifacts curated by a child or an adult with interesting handwriting.  It's little things like this (the Deans, the isthisyou people, the weird snowmen) I love Brighton for.


Sunday I went to the Art Junky flea market where my housemate Kirsten was exhibiting some of her Stride Designs work.  Art Junky was awesome: good cake, fantastic stalls and a roaming band – imagine the coolest jumble sale ever.  I picked up some lovely art books by Milly Freeman and Kate Blegvad.

Apart from that the weekend has been quiet.  I hurt my back on Friday lugging heavy bags, which has meant I couldn't run today.  I'm hoping that gets better very soon.

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2 thoughts on “Anna’s Museum”

  1. Anna is very pleased you like her museum. She is now 9 years old and fills our house with her collections. Most of the things she has found herself, but a lot are gifts from friends, and now from very kind passers-by. That is something we like about Brighton too.
    A while ago we had a brilliant collection of Popeyes, loaned by my brother Peter, and we always do a sweet Nativity Scene with Godzilla and other toys.

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