A long strange Thursday

I had a strange day on Thursday, not helped by having very little sleep the night before.  In the evening I had a photo shoot by Sam Collins at Brighton's Hotel Pelirocco.  Sam was shooting various people for a Tight Lip project.  While my involvement in the project was minor being photographed was fun.  Apparently the final images are good.

After the photographs I headed to the Victory Inn to see Glue Gun '91.  It's their third show but I missed the other two as I was performing elsewhere.  It was awesome: the first half was fun, with two poets reading, but things became very strange after the interval.  An appearance from 'Jerry Springer' was followed by a man doing a striptease while riding a unicycle; he then sang songs about things like headless chickens and hagfish.  I'm looking forward to next month's event, which will include an appearance from famous poet Philip Larkin.



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