Twelve Ways to get into Glastonbury – Tuesday 7th December

I had a strange day yesterday, with a bus crash, snow and wandering through a somewhat diffuse protest on London Road. I also attended a rehearsal for Michael J. Parker's new show, 12 Ways to Get Into Glastonbury:

I've been helping out a little with the show over the last month or two. In fact, the first run through of the show was in my lounge back in September:


The show includes poems, songs and stories based around the Glastonbury festival. It's been fascinating to watch the work being honed over last couple of months and I am very excited about the point Mike has reached. The night also features cabaret compered by Paul Stones, including poetry from Chris Parkinson. It's going to be a great night. You must come!

12 Ways to Get Into Glastonbury: Tuesday 7th December, 7:30pm, Komedia Studio Bar, £5/£4


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2 thoughts on “Twelve Ways to get into Glastonbury – Tuesday 7th December”

  1. I prefer the A303 to Podimore, then up the B3151 via Somerton, Compton Dundon and Street.
    Though I do use the M5 the A39 route from the northwest.
    And the A39 from Wells
    Or the back road through Butleigh and then over the Cow Bridge.
    And I have driven the droves from Burnham via Meare.
    Not sure I can come up with 7 more though.
    (this may not be funny, even if you are local… SORRY)

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