Train travel

Public transport on a Sunday is miserable.  I left my sister’s house at 9:30 and won’t be home until 2pm.  That’s four and a half hours to travel about 30 miles.  By car it’s a one hour journey.

Blaming other people gets me nowhere.  Trains have been appalling on a Sunday as long as I can remember.  I made a choice not to learn to drive but that now seems ridiculous.  If I want to travel on a Sunday (if I want to visit anywhere on the weekend) I need to learn to drive.  Otherwise I can stay put, choosing not to ruin relaxing weekends by ending them with the misery of rail replacement buses and waits in bad railway cafes.

Now to kill the next 80 minutes looking round a mall.  It’s hard not to conclude modern life is a waste of time.

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2 thoughts on “Train travel”

  1. Yep, 4.5hrs sucks, what a waste of a day.
    Why did you make a decision not to learn to drive? Surely it’s time to invest in some lessons and wheels?
    And just because you make a decision, doesn’t mean that can’t be reversed. It’s like reading a book, just because you started it doesn’t mean you have to finish it.
    See you on the 5th July.

  2. I never learnt to drive because I didn’t need to. When I was living in Brighton owning a car would be more trouble than it would be worth. In Coventry I’m learning that not everywhere has decent public transport.
    I still like not driving on the whole – it gives me time to read and I don’t too feel too limited. For now I’m going to speed up the journey to and from Melbourne with a bike.

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