The weekend

Friday night I was once more a man-prop for Kitty Peels.  I was a two-timing rogue in an act with her and Bunny DuBois, at the end of which I was slapped in the face by both of them.  Afterwards I sneaked into the Komedia to join my office party which by then had reached the drunk and incoherent stage.  I said hello to everyone then headed home a little later than planned.

Saturday morning was the Santa Dash, a 5K run dressed in Santa costumes.  Early morning I went down to the seafront with Beth, Tom and Collette.  The weather was ugly, rain and wind coming off the sea, so not idea conditions for running.  We were joined by Rosy who helped us with getting ready then, once the race started, retired to the Sanctuary Cafe to wait for us.

The race itself went well.  When I had to run at school I was the slow fat kid at the back but I seemed to do OK here.  The weather was foul – running west the first half of the race the wind seemed light bad but when we turned and started back again it felt much stronger.  I managed a good time and enjoyed the experience.  I’m going to keep running and look for more events.  There’s a half-marathon in February…  Beth has posted video footage here.


I spent the rest of the day relaxing.  I read The Black Dossier by Alan Moore.  The book is insanely detailed, with the annotations explaining the more subtle and obscure references.  I also watched the last episode of the Sopranos.  I’m not sure the ending was wrong, but it was a little unsatisfying.  All-in-all the Sopranos was a very odd drama, both reinforcing and undermining conventions.

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