The Weekend

It’s been quite a weekend. Straight after work on Friday I was off to the Marlborough Theatre to be the ‘man-prop’ in Kitty Peels‘ zombie bride act. Sadly I didn’t get to see the climax as I was lying on the stage pretending to be dead, but the audience response was good. I only made one error in the evening. Trying to clean stage-blood from my hands, I said I was havng a ‘Lady Macbeth moment’. Luckily the damage caused by mentioning the scottish play was undone by turning round three times on the spot. We didn’t have time for Kitty to clean the red off her before we headed to Grubbs for burgers, then to You Dance I’ll Clap at the Fortune of War.

Saturday afternoon I went horseriding for the first time, at Three Greys riding school on top of the Downs. The view was incredible- Brighton in one direction, Hurstpierpoint and my old school in the other. There are photos, which I’ll post when I get copies. I can’t wait to go again.

I returned to Brighton in time for the rugby – can’t believe we’re in the finals, particularly after the poor play in the group rounds.


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