The Orphanage

I’m in Brighton again this weekend.  I’m doing very little with the Easter break, mostly catching up with things and trying to finish a draft of the book.  I did take some time out to watch The Orphanage with Kitty and Rosy at the Duke Of York’s, where I managed to disgrace myself.

I like scary films but I do get a little too into them – I love the feeling of mounting terror in a decent ghost story.  I bought a big tub of popcorn and sat there eating it whenever things weren’t too spooky.  Which wasn’t all that often, so I had a lot of popcorn as one of the characters investigated the house.  Suddenly something jumped from the shadows and I jumped too.  Popcorn went everywhere, my lap, Kitty’s lap, all over the floor.

So, I can add The Orphanage to the list of films I shouldn’t have bought popcorn for (the other being John Pilger’s The War on Democracy ).  It was a very good film though, and I can’t wait to watch it again on DVD.

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