at my old job they used to make us print on this bond stuff for the attached printers in our offices. came in a nice pretty box. after trying to get management to give us cheapo printer paper, which was lighter, came wrapped in paper and presumably was less environmentally taxing, i started saving the little cardboard mementos of another ream sacrificed to the printer. i put them in stacks, slowly, one by one, a silent prayer and protest. one stack rolling into another stack and then a third and fourth, until, by the time i first changed offices (maybe three years into my tenure) a good half of the wall was obscured by the boxes. there was always a reverent moment of silence — awkwardness and confusion followed by recognition and guilt — the first time someone new would come by my office, and i believe at one point it was brought to the attention of Management who very seriously considered reprimanding me. not the first nor, obviously, the last black mark on my record there, and in these paperless days a bit of an anachronistic protest, but a fond memory nonetheless.