Still not online

I’m now back in Brighton after my second week of work at Coventry.  Things are going well: been refactoring code and spending my evenings writing.  I’m still offline most of the time but that does mean I get more done.

Last week I read AL Kennedy‘s novel Day , about a WW2 bomber pilot.  I came off the bus on Wednesday to find the city center closed off by police cordons.  An unexploded world-war 2 bomb had been discovered by some workmen and a 500m exclusion zone thrown up.  It strange to think, even sixty years later, the war can still have such effects.

I’m now back in Brighton.  I’d hoped to catch up with people, but I haven’t had much free time.  The dance I was going to on Friday was cancelled and I’m off to London tonight.  I’m hoping to catch up with people at some point soon.

Meanwhile I’m going to buy one of those mobile Internet things in the next few days, which I hope will solve all my connectivity woes.

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