Some odds and ends

  • My friend Justine's novel Advice for Strays now has a cover and is available for pre-order on Amazon. I'm very excited as I've been waiting to read this for ages.
  • Drew Gummerson had a contest for 50-word stories about the moon and has posted some of the entries on his blog. One of them is mine.
  • Speaking of Mr. Gummerson, ages ago I meant to post a link to his story When the Chips are Down. Go read it!
  • A Surprisingly Common Omission is a great 'drabble' by David Langford which he acknowledges may have been too subtle for its own good.
  • One of my favourite short story collections is Kelly Link's Magic For Beginners.  Much of this is now available for free downloadStone Animals
    is a fantastic spooky story but the highlight for me is the story Some
    Zombie Contingency Plans.  It's not 'about' zombies – it's more
    wonderful and subtle than that.  "It turned out that everyone in the prison had a zombie contingency plan, once
    you asked them, just like everyone in prison had a prison escape plan, only
    nobody talked about those.
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