Some links I meant to post…

I've been meaning post some links for ages. Some of these are a few weeks old, but far from stale.

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2 thoughts on “Some links I meant to post…”

  1. Hey James
    I’m having trouble correlating the excellent Max Dunbar article ‘Why Self-Publishing Doesn’t Work’ you have linked to with your opinions about ‘Swindon Orbital’. Perhaps you can clarify that for me somehow?

  2. I edited out a rambling commentary on the Max Dunbar post and probably should have kept it in. I read Max’s article as focussing more on self-publishing fiction, particularly novels, which I think is a problematic area. However, I think self-publishing can work for small-scale, focussed works, as I’ve said here (the ‘Let’s Have a Golden Age’ post):
    At some point I want to do a proper post on this, but I suspect it will finally turn up sometime in 2010…

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