Pre-Christmas odds and ends

  • A Christmas movie gift from the awesome Mike Russell.
  • I recently visited the Guerilla Art Market in the Brighton Media Center.  I picked up some zines at the Jaguar Shoes stall, my favourite of which was first waves then cloud by Hannah Waldron.  Simple and lovely.
  • I also recently read Chris Parkinson's pamphlet 'City Boy in Blind Spot Trauma' which has some lovely poems.  (I liked 'A Farewell to Modernism': "I would have measured my life with coffee spoons / But they are all in the sink / With the washing up.")
  • Reimaging from memory: "Something weird happens when we try to recreate cultural artifacts from
    memory: the result has less to do with the artifact, and more to do
    with us.
  • A beautiful post from on the aftermath of the Ice Prince: Brighton Beach wood sculpture.  I wish the wooden tide was an annual event.  It was a strange and beautiful sight, particularly when people were able to respond to it.
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