New Year’s Photos

I had the perfect start to 2012. On New Years Eve I helped out with Trailer Trash at the Komedia, where the theme was 'Trash Vegas'. It's fun to see the event take shape. For me, the night's highlight was the ariel double-act by Kitty Peels and Milo – absolutely stunning. It was also great to welcome in 2012 with a large group of people.

I didn't stay out too late and was up for a run early the next day. I've put on a little weight while I've been injured, and I fear I might have looked like I was on my first new-year-resolution run. I'd hoped to go swimming in the afternoon but the rough sea put paid to that. Instead I had tea with some friends.

In the evening I helped run a poetry event with Mike Parker. Chris Parkinson read, with a stunning new poem about Brighton. We also had a group reading of Ginsberg's Howl, which I think is the greatest poem ever written.

And then I spent the next two days packing, ready to go on holiday tomorrow. I'm excited, and a little nervous, but I will post about my adventures here. In the meantime, here are some photos from New Year (click for larger versions).





Watching some of the acts from backstage:




Countdown to midnight:




A more sedate event, at the Earth and Stars the following night:




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