My weirdest #foundwhilewalking yet

Brighton and Hove have been battered by high winds for the last week. It’s made running a chore and caused hundreds of starfish to be washed ashore. As well as other things, some of which were thoughtfully arranged by a passer-by:


(Photos taken on Sunday November 13th)

(#foundwhilewalking is a game on twitter, which @kaysexton started. People tweet accounts of interesting things they’ve seen while on foot. Some recent examples are:

  • @LaGirafa The ragged skeleton of a leopard print umbrella, a purple hat in flight, scarily angry awnings
  • @asalted Rain, puddles, a picture book rainbow that looked as if started by my house…
  • @laurencehill de-flowered bouquet dumped on a bin. Failed romance?
  • @orbific tiny bumps of ships on the horizon; the west pier looking like a sea monster.
  • @madhavaji – I let my love run in circles
  • @orbific debris among pebbles, storm-scatterded on the promenade. Seaweed, a flattened shotgun cartridge and a champagne cork

I’m going to miss my seafront route to work)

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