My talk at Barcamp3 – xkcd and deconstruction

I've now finished the slides for my Brighton Barcamp 3 presentation.  I used Impress, the Open Office presentation tool, which was mostly easy to use.  I had some trouble setting up bullet points to progressively reveal but found some good tutorials through google.

The final title for the talk is 'Bad XKCD: A Programmer’s Introduction to Deconstruction'.  I've enjoyed writing the presentation, which is obviously important, but it's going to be interesting to see how it's received (and if anyone attends!).   While the title does mention xkcd, literary theory may not be an obvious choice of topic for barcamp.  Still, it has been interesting to look at deconstruction from a different angle and it's made me reconsider certain aspects. 

I imagine the next two days will be very busy as I'm helping out with dConstruct 2008, but I should have time to rehearse the talk enough to polish it for the weekend.  I've not spoken in front of an audience for some time so it will be good to have the practise.

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