My favourite films of 2008

I watched a lot of movies in 2008. Most of the mainstream films were disappointing, particularly the superhero ones, all of which ended with two men fighting to settle points of principle.  As Roger Ebert points out, by far the best shot in The Incredible Hulk was a simple ariel shot of Rio; and, while the Dark Knight was fun, I can't see why so many people declare it a classic since it was neither innovative or surprising.

I did see some great films though.  My favourites were:

  1. The Orphanage (now facing an unneccessary Hollywood remake)
  2. Man on Wire
  3. My Winnipeg
  4. Brighton Wok
  5. Cloverfield (I loved the final scene)

I don't think My Winnipeg had the coverage it deserved, with a blink-and-you-miss-it showing at the Duke of Yorks, but it was one of the most creative and exciting films I've seen in years.  Hopefully someone else will be prompted to watch it and tell me what they think.

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One thought on “My favourite films of 2008”

  1. I loved The Orphange, got a couple of wee shrieks out of me, I can tell you. Really want to see Man on Wire. Haven’t seen the rest. Must try harder.

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