Morecambe Cross-bay challenge

I'm now hurtling down the M55 to Coventry after today's race.  Sadly it was abandoned half way through as the River Kent was impassable.  I'd been having a good run up to that point, with the trailing wind making me about a minute a mile faster than normal. 

We turned back about five miles in which meant running straight into the wind.  The rest of the run was harsh.  At its worst the wind knocked me back to walking pace.  I spent most of the time with a pack, grateful for the portable wind-break.

While it would have been fantastic to complete the crossing, the race was still an amazing experience.  The bay is desolate with the wind sweeping across it stirring up flurries of sand.  There are lots of small channels to run through with the delight of not knowing how deep they are.  The event (especially the long and weary run into the wind) feels something like a dream now. 

I started today not having run a half marathon and end it still not having run a half marathon.  I'm going to search for another later in the year and will definitely enter the next cross-bay run.

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