Mobile broadband

After a little more noodling I’ve finally got the Vodafone Mobile Internet working properly on Ubuntu.  It’s actually easily than I realised at the weekend – all I needed to do was install and run the software, then set the apn field on the configuration as ‘internet’.  You also need to enter something in the username and password field, although this isn’t actually used to connect.

The only other thing you need to do is ask Vodafone to remove the adult content blocker.  Then you can access raunchy sites like The Onion or Flickr. 

All of which means I’m finally back online.  Excellent.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile broadband”

  1. James,
    Sounds like all’s cool in Coventry. Which is surprising. Actually, I’ve never been so can’t really comment.
    This mobile broadband malarkey – am wondering if it’s worth it for general home use, so as to do away with the nasty BT bill + £15/month for the ISP. What is the speed like and is there a bandwidth limit?

  2. Coventry is a far more pleasant place than its reputation suggests. And it’s only an hour from London by train. 🙂
    The mobile broadband thing is perfect for me as it avoids getting tied up in a residential broadband contract. Speed-wise everything is OK on 3G, but I’m only using it for surfing and email. There’s also a charge per GB after the 3GB. I guess it depends what you need.

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