Miscellany: alien invasion, the death zone and archive fever

  • Charles Stross' essay Invaders from Mars puts forward an interesting theory about the state of the world, with serious implications for SETI. 
  • Abandoned on Everest (via LinkmachineGo) is a gruesome essay (with pictures) about what happens to the bodies of those who die on Everest. The debate in the comments about the David Sharp controversy is both horrifying and fascinating.
  • Sarah Salway provides some interesting tips for short story writers. "Wait for the second thing".
  • "I’d like one-shot novels as well. Wouldn’t it be nicer if the tube was littered with single interesting pages of novels rather than discarded London Lites?" – Chris Heathcote
  • I love Matt Ogle's essay Archive Fever, which asks some important questions about the mass of data people are starting to accumulate through mobile phones and social media. "We’ve all become accidental archivists." I have over three thousand photos on my computer. I'm not sure what they are for. 
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