Lytham St. Annes

My Uncle and Aunt invited me for tea yesterday so, just after lunch, I set out to walk from Blackpool to their house in Lytham (I’ve been walking a couple of hours each day recently).  This walk was fantastic – the first half was across Dunes and sandy beaches straight out of a Ballard novel: jet planes flying overhead, the sea so far out it was almost invisible, and the weirdness of St Anne’s Pier, which I’ve yet to see with the sea below it.


I found a cafe in St Annes.  There were few people out on the beach but this seaside canteen was packed.  I took away a cup of coffee and a slice of the best fruitcake I’ve ever eaten.  I also shot a couple of fantastic photos nearby but, since I don’t have the grey lead to connect my phone to my PC, I can’t share them.  I was going to try describing them instead but one of them (a weird beach-sculpture) is beyond my powers.

I arrived in Lytham early so haunted the charity bookshops, where I found a copy of Edwin W. Teale’s ‘The Golden Throng’ which I’ve wanted to read for years.  Then to my Uncle and Aunt’s for tea and Ashes to ashes.  I had a good day.

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