Clearing tabs and catching up

The last few weeks have seemed very busy, and I’ve not had chance to post everything I meant to. So, here are some links from the last few weeks:

  • Last Tuesday was the sixth sparks night. There were some great stories, including my old friend @LaGirafa‘s first reading, and a couple of stories from Vanessa Gebbie  (who blogged about the night here). It was also good to see Jonathan Pinnock (blog post here) who I met at London’s Liar’s league last year. Sparks Night is a friendly, well-curated evening – submissions are being accepted for Sparks 7 until November 14th.
  • I had some good responses to my Literature network post on seven ways to be a great writer, but my favourite was this one: “a better description would be Seven Tips for Becoming a Great Poser“. I will have to email the chap when my next post is online.
  • I’ve been submitting interesting snippets of overheard conversation to the Evening Argus Overheard in Brighton blog – here and here. The entry deemed unsuitable for a family newspaper was this one: “It’s like Allen Ginsberg had this magic penis and every poet that touched it became famous
  • Lovely six-word-story from exmosis: “Our last photograph together. We smiled.
  • Wise advice from Hawker’s pot:
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so do be careful.
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