Catching up again

Somehow two weeks have slipped by since I last posted. There are lots of things I need to write about, such as my next Literature Network blog post, Pictour, Penumbra's new issue and two readings I've got coming up in June.  I also have a pile of links to post.  Meanwhile here are some odds and ends I meant to post last week.

  • At the end of April I read at Glue Gun '91.  I had a good time reading and, being on early, could relax and enjoy the rest of the show – dying clowns, fake newspaper front pages, factsheets, the end of the world and a stunning set by AKDK.  Glue gun '91 was incredible.  The next episode is May 21st at the Victory (Life after man!) and AKDK are playing at the Hope the following night.
  • The new Art Brut album, Art Brut vs Satan, is amazing.
  • Sometimes I've played a game with people where we try and figure out what we could invent if we were sent back in time a thousand years or more.  Life has become so abstracted that most of my skills and knowledge would be useless without an elaborate civilisation to back them up.  This poster will come in useful. I'd love to know who made it – maybe time-travellers from our own future?
  • My run of running misfortune continued last week when I feel over, banging up my knee and hand pretty badly.  I despair of getting back in shape again.

Going to get an early night tonight.  I'm very excited about tomorrow as I'm finally going to watch Synecdoche NY.

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