Busy Thursday

Yesterday was my last day with Sigmer.  I’ve very much enjoyed working with everyone there, and will hopefully stay in touch with them in the future.  Hopefully it won’t be too long until my next visit to The Swan!

After work I went to the Jubilee Library for the launch of Queenspark‘s Deckchair Guide to Brighton and Hove.  The book is a guide to Brighton, written by local residents, which I helped with last year.  I haven’t blogged about this before, so it deserves a post of its own (probably next week).

After that I met Tom and Sophy at the Komedia for Hammer and Tongue‘s 5th Annual Poets vs MCs Slam.  The event featured a lineup of rappers and poets and was framed around the idea of seeing which were best.  In the event it turned into more of a showcase of two Brighton scenes, with interesting combinations such as an MC freestyling over a ukelele song.

I’d seen a number of the rappers at Slipjam:B in the past and, for whatever reason, they didn’t seem as tight as usual last night.  The poets (including Robin from BPS, Chris Parkinson, Rosy and Jimmy McGee) were very good , thriving in front of a massive crowd.  The most impressive performance came from Spliff Richards, who won last year’s Hammer and Tongue slam competition.

Today is another busy one, as I’ll be graduating from my MA.  Expect photos of me wearing full robes in due course.

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