Beth’s AV Club

My friend Beth has organised a video screening – as seen on upcoming:

"In November 2007, dozens of international videobloggers and artists 
made a film every day for 30 days.  The result: over 1000 beautiful, 
intimate, funny, experimental, observational, moving, interconnected 
short films.  NODE 101 (UK) invites you to a showing of highlights 
from the first (Inter)national Videoblog Posting Month (NaVloPoMo).   
Join us at 2:30 on January 12th at the WERKS in Hove for an afternoon 
of art, intimacy and international connections.  The screening will be 
followed by a short party with the chance to meet and learn more from 
pioneering British and American videobloggers and NAVLOPOMOers.

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