Back to Blackpool

I made the journey from Brighton in 4.5 hours and I’m now back in Blackpool.  The packing continued while I was away and the house is very empty.  Apart from my room, which is full of post (including the new phone) and books.  I have lots of things to do between now and Saturday when I set off for Coventry, via Luton.  I also need to pack the room up too.

Which means my last 2/3 days in Blackpool will offer little time for walking along the beach.  Guess I’ll have to come back here for a weekend when things calm down.

It’s weird to be bouncing around so much.  Since yesterday I’ve had no housekeys but I don’t actually need any of the keys on it.  Technically I don’t have a home right now – I’m not paying rent on anywhere and all my things are in the storage, which may or may not have a leak. 

Whatever.  The plan for tonight is simple – write one of the 5 letters I need to write in the next week and figure out all the things to be done between now and Luton.

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