Retreat, Day 8: The New Normal

Today is the first day of the official lockdown. I had another early morning, waking about 4:15am. A little after 5 I went for my legally-permitted daily walk doing about 10,000 steps. I wasn’t sure if that was greedy, or too many? On the way home I stopped at a shop and bought some fresh food. The shopkeeper reckoned there were riots coming, but things seem fairly calm.

Today has been a gentle day. I did some good writing before work, settling into the new project. The job was fun, and filled out the time. The evening has catching up with people, planning the next few weeks, and cooking a delicious curry: I wish you were here to share it. So strange, not knowing when next I will cook for someone else.

It’s weird to have such as relaxed day amidst what, for many people, will be a horrific and distressing time. In the daily briefing it was announced that 250,000 volunteers were needed for the NHS. I gave my details, and was glad that I have a current DBS. Hopefully I can make myself useful, rather than just relaxing in my flat for weeks.

Today is the first day of the official distancing rules; and the start of my first full week in retreat. I’ve spoken to Rosy on the phone, messaged a few people, but only been in the presence of one other person. Strange days.

There is much to say and think about what’s happening, but I’ve enjoyed today. Sure, it would have been better if I could have walked further, sat with a friend, or read in a cafe. But I am grateful for this day.

Today’s plank was a painful 113 seconds.

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