Space Invaders in Varanasi

When I worked in Ladbroke Grove, many years ago, there was a mosaic of an space invader on a bridge. After seeing the first alien, I spotted others, including one in Paris. They were apparently put up by a French artist called Invader. It's the sort of art project I love – playfully and subtly adding something to an urban environment. (Hob blog has some images of the London Space Invaders).

Wandering along the ghats in Varanasi with my Dad, I spotted a familiar image. As usual, once I'd seen the Space Invader motif I spotted it elsewhere.

Space Invader in Varanasi

Space Invader in Varanasi
Space Invader in Varanasi 

Invader's web-site lists the locations he's visited including Varanasi in April 2008. Apparently there were 14 images in total, including one I spotted – but the mosaic shown at the top doesn't seem to be listed.

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3 thoughts on “Space Invaders in Varanasi”

  1. That first image isn’t a space invader. I think it’s a ghost from the original pac-man. Maybe Invader doesn’t do pac-man?

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