Psychogeography Workshop on May 26th

On May 26th I am going to be running a psychogeography workshop at the Artist Residence Hotel in Brighton. This will be part of the Different Ways of Seeing series being run by resident artist Kate Shields. Previous events have centered around life drawing (see here, here and here) but the May sessions are a little different. May 12th sees a Introduction to Automatic Drawing and on the 26th I will be running an event on Psychogeography:

Psychogeography is a way of looking at cities to see the magical and the surprising in familiar places. Following a brief introduction, this workshop will feature a number of creative experiments. Whether you’re an artist, poet, writer or just a pedestrian, learn to see Brighton in a new way.

I'm really looking forward to this workshop, as it's going to be very different to any I've done before. Tickets are £5 and are available here. If you'd like more information about psychogeography my site has an introductory PDF

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