A Cheeky Walk: Earth, Wind and Fire

Apparently you can buy coats designed to keep the wind out. I never thought I needed one until yesterday’s walk, crossing the Downs with the wind cutting through the layers I was wearing. I realised that last year’s winter Cheeky walks were all urban ones, and that doing the rural ones in February might not be a good idea.

Despite that, the Earth, Wind and Fire walk was a good one, starting in Pyecombe and taking in the Chattri, Jack and Jill Windmills and the Clayton Tunnel. It was fairly similar to a walk taken with Jamie and Jen last year (although the windmill is closed to visitors until May). Still, despite the cold, the views were amazing.

This sign to the South Downs seems unnecessary
The church is sinking…
More mud
The Mallard Mailbox, pointed out by the guidebook, has sadly seen better days
Fuck off, i360

IMG_20160228_112313  IMG_20160228_113641 IMG_20160228_121746 IMG_20160228_131527 IMG_20160228_134308

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