A Cheeky Walk: A Country Walk in the City

I did another one of the Cheeky Walks today, ‘A Country Walk in the City’. This one was less quirky than the previous but made up for it with some epic views. It was also slightly harder to follow, with a few fences moving since the book was released. We started out in Wild Park and followed a loop that took in the Hollingbury Hill Fort. The Cheeky Guide included some outrageous lies, but we spotted them all rather than be taken in by them. We rounded off the walk with roasts at the George. We’re planning to do our next Cheeky Walk on Sunday 25th.

I passed the chicken man on the way to Wild Park. He was still there 3 hours later
A view from the hill fort
One of the party takes the instruction to “Hug the line of trees to your right” too literally.




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