Last night was the second anniversary of Wordplay at the Sanctuary.  The event opened with poetry from Rosy and Byron Vincent.  Rosy was excellent (of course I’m going to say that, but she was) and everyone seemed to enjoy her new material.  Byron was someone I’d heard about and enjoyed watching perform.

I also got to see Bunty once more.  Bunty performs alone on stage, sat on a chair,and builds a series of improvised loops she then sings over.  I bought a copy of her album Licking La Lune after her set.  The packaging on this is incredible, beautiful illustations on the case and booklet.  The back states "All tracks recorded live on the 5th December 2006 using a Boss Loop Station, Boss DDS Delay pedal, one SMS8 Microphone and Bunty’s Mouth".  The tracks are so quiet and funky – sultry perhaps? – and sound like nothing else I’ve heard.

The next event is February 12th – no idea who’s performing there though.

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