This is my now page saying what I’m up to at the moment. It was last updated on Thursday 29th July 2024.

My new mailing list for weekly short (and very short) fiction has been running weekly since July 2023. Sign up at Microfictions

I currently live in Hebden Bridge, England. I work as a software consultant. I can be found on letterboxd, Instagram and Mastodon. Some of the zines I’ve written are available on my etsy store.

I write and perform sometimes. I have an ebook on Amazon, Famous for 15 People, which collected some of my fiction. I am also working on a longer writing project about the South Downs way which is available via etsy.

I like clowns, curry and hiking. I’ve walked the South Downs Way, Coast-to-Coast and Pennine Way.

You can contact me via this website or email.