This is my now page saying what I’m up to at the moment. It was last updated on Friday 23rd March 2018.

I live in Brighton, England.

I work as a project manager, having been a software developer for about 20 years. Next month I am launching my new company,, which will provide outsourced software development. I also co-run the Brighton Java user group.

I write and perform sometimes. I have an ebook on Amazon, Famous for 15 People, which collected some of my fiction. I also have some stranger handmade publications available via Postal Press.

I love hiking and have recently walked the South Downs Way, Ridgeway and North Downs Way, and much of the Pennine Way. I am currently working on a creative project about hiking and Brexit.

Things I wish I had more time for: yoga, running, cooking.

You can contact me via this website or email. I am on twitter, but not facebook.